Making Policy Public
July 4
A program of the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP)

2013 Policy Briefs

1. Responsible Banking
Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development (ANHD)

New York City's recently passed Responsible Banking Act will give the public access to banking data and a way to comment on bank performance. This poster will help communities use that information to hold banks accountable for meeting the credit needs of New Yorkers.

2. Rent Regulation Rights
CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities

Many rent regulated tenants are unfamiliar with their rights, and often learn of them too late, once eviction proceedings are underway. This bilingual poster will focus on residents of Chinatown, one of the areas with the greatest number of rent-regulated units in Manhattan, to help them know their rights before they lose their homes.

3. The Path to Park Improvements
New Yorkers For Parks
This poster will demystify the New York City budget process and offer steps that park advocates and community-based organizations can take to create improvements in their local parks and open spaces.


4. Community Input in Public School Decision-making
Teachers Unite

New York's public school system is notoriously complex and provides limited opportunities for public engagement. This guide will help parents, teachers, and students understand how they can more effectively engage in decision-making within the public school system.

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