Making Policy Public
October 27
A program of the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP)

2018 Collaborators

Civil Rights and Protections for Immigrants at Risk of Deportation
Designer: Luiza Dale
Advocate: The New York Immigration Coalition

Navigating the Shelter System for Homeless Individuals and Families
Designer: 13milliseconds
Advocate: The Safety Net Project at the Urban Justice Center

Navigating the Foreclosure Process
Designer: Work By
Advocate: The Legal Aid Society - Foreclosure Prevention Unit

Explaining the Child Welfare System
Designers: Manuel Miranda
Advocate: Brooklyn Defender Services


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Civil rights and protections for immigrants at risk of deportation
Navigating the shelter system for homeless individuals and families
Navigating the foreclosure process
Explaining the child welfare system

Luiza Dale

Luiza Dale is a Brazilian graphic designer based in Brooklyn, working with clients in architecture, art, fashion, and technology. She is interested in critical self-reflection, popular culture and community building. Luiza is one half of the art practice Computer Duo and designer of CLOG Magazine.

The New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC)

The NYIC envisions a New York State that is stronger because all people are welcome, treated fairly, and given the chance to pursue their dreams; their mission is to unite immigrants, members & allies so all New Yorkers can thrive. The NYIC represents the collective interests of New York’s diverse immigrant communities and organizations and devise solutions, advocates for policies and laws, and builds power for immigrants and the organizations that serve them.

13 milliseconds

13 milliseconds is the fastest time it takes for your brain to process an image. It is also the creative studio run by Sharon Bach and Francois Huyghe. Coming from California and France, the two met in New York and have been working together on a range of projects in print, interactive, motion, and web design. They now live and work in Brooklyn.

The Safety Net Project at the Urban Justice Center (SNP)

SNP’s mission is to ensure that New York City’s low-income communities have access to safe and secure housing and fundamental resources like food and cash assistance. SNP combines direct legal services, policy advocacy, and community organizing to strengthen safety net programs proven to reduce poverty and homelessness.

Work By

Founded by Jessica Brown and Franco Castillo, Work By is a small strategy led design studio based in Brooklyn, New York. Work By partners with people to create meaningful strategies, identities, and websites with a focus on adaptability and authenticity.

Check out Jessica's portfolio here.

Check out Franco's portfolio here.

The Legal Aid Society - Foreclosure Prevention Unit

The Legal Aid Society is a private, not-for-profit legal services organization, the oldest and largest in the nation, dedicated since 1876 to providing quality legal representation to low-income New Yorkers. It is dedicated to one simple but powerful belief: that no New Yorker should be denied access to justice because of poverty. The Legal Aid Society’s Foreclosure Prevention Unit assists homeowners in owner-occupied 1-4 unit houses, condominiums, and co-ops who are facing foreclosure. Through community outreach, education, and legal assistance, the Foreclosure Prevention Unit works to save the homes of distressed borrowers and victims of predatory lending, scams, and fraud.

Manuel Miranda

Manuel Miranda is a graphic designer. His studio, MMP, works on design projects for non-profits, cultural organizations, schools, government agencies, and corporations. Additionally, he serves on the graphic design faculty at the Yale School of Art and is a mayor-appointed lay member of the Public Design Commission of the City of New York. Prior to establishing his own studio, he was a designer at Brand Integration Group at Ogilvy and a design director at 2×4.

Brooklyn Defender Services (BDS)

BDS provides comprehensive criminal, family, and immigration defense representation and related services to people who cannot afford to retain an attorney in Brooklyn. BDS’ Family Defense Practice advocates on behalf of families to keep children out of foster care and safely reunify families as quickly and safely as possible.