Making Policy Public
October 1
A program of the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP)

Prior Collaborations

Increasing Civic Engagement for Incarcerated People and their Families
The Right to Counsel for Tenants Facing Eviction in NYC
Risk Assessment Instruments (RAI) and their Effect on Mass Incarceration
E-carceration and its Effect on Mass Incarceration
Civil Rights and Protections for Immigrants at Risk of Deportation
Navigating the Shelter System for Homeless Individuals and Families
Navigating the Foreclosure Process
Explaining the Child Welfare System
The Asylum Process - Beginning to End - for Asylum Seekers
Public Utility Regulation for the Common Good
Combatting Indoor Air Pollution at Home
Community Solutions to Youthful Misbehavior
Independent Living Options for People with Disabilities
Legal Protections for Survivors of Sexual Violence
Enrolling in High School for New Immigrants
Explaining the Fair Chance Act for Formerly Incarcerated Job Seekers

Immigrants’ Healthcare Rights in NYC
Helping Migrant Farmworkers Navigate Income Taxes
Rent Succession Rights
How Do Worker Cooperatives Work?

Demystifying the Affordable Care Act
Understanding Child Support Proceedings in Family Court
Nail Salon Worker's Rights
Accessing Public Assistance

Responsible Banking
Rent Regulation Rights
The Path to Park Improvements
Community Input in Public School Decision-making

Increasing Immigrants’ Access to Banks
Fracking in the Delaware River Watershed
The Domestic Workers Bill of Rights
Banks on the Fringe

Navigating Juvenile Justice
Keeping Parks Public
The Tomato Supply Chain
Redistricting Reform
Public Housing Participation

New York City Street Vendor Regulations
Predatory Equity
Barriers to Re-entry
Detention & Deportation

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